Our Services


When your furnace slows down or malfunctions, you need professionals to restore your heating right away. We offer fast and friendly service on all furnace repairs. Our certified technicians will have your furnace and/or heat pump up and running again in no time so that you can stay warm all winter long.



As we all know in the summertime, it can be uncomfortably hot. With one of our effective, high quality air conditioners, you can enjoy cool temperatures inside your home or business even during the hottest days of August.

Our goal is to help you beat the heat.



Typically, we think of poor air quality as an outdoor thing:

Smog, smoke from wildfires, etc., but neglecting to address the air quality inside your home can cause breathing problems and worsen allergies and asthma.

In fact, according to the EPA, levels of air pollution inside the home can be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels! So call us today and let us help you improve the air quality in your home.

At Action Heating & Air Conditioning our mission is to ensure the comfort of you and your family.


We offer only the highest quality products to our customers. When it’s time to purchase an air conditioning system, put your comfort in our hands. We sell and install:

Air Conditioners: We recommend the most reliable and energy efficient equipment available that will fit your budget.
These Air Conditioners feature the most durable materials and the most innovative technology in the industry, so you receive long lasting trouble free equipment at an affordable price.

Air filters: The right air filters can save you money and help improve your health.  Ask us about:

•  The Perfect Fit Electronic Air Cleaner.
•  Standard and high efficiency disposable pleated filters.
•  HEPA filters.
•  High efficiency Air Sponge filters.
•  We offer any size custom filter, ask us about the size and type of filter you need.

Air Quality Inspection: We can also offer you a complete Air Quality Inspection for your home or office call us for details.

Duct and Sheet Metal Work: Ducts leaking or sweating or need some additional ducts installed. We offer a full line of duct and sheet metal work.

Maintenance Agreements: We offer a full line of Maintenance Agreements to fit your Budget and Schedule.
Our Maintenance Agreements include:

•        Inspect electrical components, wiring and connections
•        Check Voltages and current all components
•        Check motor and compressor operations
•        Lubricate all applicable bearings
•        Check temperatures across coils
•        Rinse down condenser coil (air cooled) Freeze clean (water cooled)
•        Treat evaporator coil
•        Clean condensate drain pan, line and add pan treatment
•        Replace/Wash return air filters
•        Check refrigerant charge

Registers: Reduce the uncomfortable “Hot & Cold” spots in your home. We offer adjustable blade registers with opposed blade dampers for maximum airflow and comfort. The proper air flow and balance will make a difference in your comfort level.

Supply/Return Ducts: Need an additional air supply or air return to add more comfort to a room. Contact us, we do this every day.

Thermostats :
Digital Non-Programmable units for better visibility.
Digital Programmable units for better visibility and digital programmable 7-day and 5/2 day models with features such as: up to 4 temperature settings per day; auto change-over of cool & heat modes; vacation scheduling; keypad lockout;back lighting; outside air temperature monitoring.

Warranties: We offer 5 and 10-year worry free warranties on most of the equipment we sell.