Different Types of Air Conditioning Units and Its Efficiency

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Different Types of Air Conditioning Units and Its Efficiency

Besides the above mentioned air conditioning units, another popular conditioning unit includes the Roof Top AC. These units are mounted on the top of building roofs. With the increase in relative temperatures, more and more people resort to different types of conditioning units to control the temperature to a comfortable level.

One of the most important electrical appliances includes air conditioning units. These units are used for both domestic as well as commercial purposes. Known to provide comfortable living conditions by controlling temperature to an appropriate level, these units are used all over the world by millions of people.

Various Types of Air Conditioning Units

There are different types of air conditioner units that have almost the same functions but are known by different names. Some of the most common and popular AC units include the Window AC, Split AC, Ductless AC, Portable AC, Central AC and Packaged AC. The following sections elaborate on these types of units.

Window AC: Usually mounted on walls and windows of buildings, these air conditioning units are considered to be the oldest and cheapest form of cooling units. These conditioning units are usually used for residential purposes as it is quite efficient in cooling smaller areas. The window AC which is mounted on windows has its back end projecting outside and front end into the room which acts as the conditioning unit.

Split AC: Unlike the window AC, these air conditioning units have two components- one part is mounted inside the room on walls or floor and the other part is placed outside the room. Split AC is used to cool an entire building with many rooms. Today Split AC is used in most of the commercial buildings as it is more effective and efficient. These conditioning units are also known as Ducted AC units.

Packaged AC: These cooling units are designed to cool very large areas. All the parts of this cooling unit are included in one single package and so it is known as packaged air conditioning units. These units are mounted on walls as well as roof tops. An added advantage of this cooling unit is that it works efficiently and silently. Compared to the other cooling units, these conditioners are considered one of the best.

Central AC: The centralised air conditioning units are widely used in commercial buildings, movie theatres, shopping malls and other large areas which require huge cooling capacities.

Portable AC: Also known as mobile AC units, the Portable AC is one of the most compact varieties which are suitable for people who travel constantly. It need not be mounted on walls and can be transported easily. Though it is less efficient than the usual AC, it can be used as alternative conditioning units.

Ductless AC: These cooling units can be efficiently used in areas with no ducts. Similar to the Split AC, the Ductless conditioning units have two parts and the outer part is placed outside but it is not as efficient as the Split AC. It is seldom used for cooling larger areas.


Air conditioning or HVAC malfunctions repaired in best way by expert

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Air conditioning or HVAC malfunctions repaired in best way by expert

The entire human being is highly depended upon the scientific technology and inventions to get control the environmental imbalance the technologies have been inventing the highest beneficial machinery equipments. Due to the invented numerous machinery appliances by the scientific technique the entire human beings have consoled with such beneficial machinery units to face the environmental complications. Extreme presence of green gas, venomous smoke from industry has affected the air and it has polluted entirely and the ultimate result is hot atmosphere all around the globe.

To get rid of such extreme hot atmosphere everyone installs an air conditioner in a confined space so that it could have a little relax from an abominable warm environment that has been repeatedly increasing in summer season all throughout due to the imbalance atmosphere. The invention of AC unit with the assistance of the science and technology has pleased the entire people from being anymore tormented due to the extreme heat. Now this precious electronic operated appliance is accessible everywhere in various models and designs. The intended homeowners can purchase them to have the better twin environmental effects in their residences such as the warm and cold atmosphere.

Every homeowner has a dream to have the best service of their new AC machines while they purchase them having seen its special categories that render the comfortable cool atmosphere in the entire interior confined space of a residence. In purchasing such precious electronic cooling or heating appliance it requires the huge investment of money that could be earned only through the hard effort. The improper installation would pour the cold water to the entire dreaming imagination what a homeowner had dreamt with it when he purchased the air conditioning appliance. The improper installation reduces the prolonging life of it from all sides. The most common malfunctions that are generating most of the AC and HVAC units such as refrigerant leakage, compressor default, air duct fan running failure, condenser defect, thermostat fault, drainage problem into the PVC coil in humidity or winter season, thermostat red light constant flashing, heat pump fault etc.

To have the proper maintenance, replacement/ repair and installation the intended client have to contact with the expert installer or AC malfunctions solution service provider. Air conditioning contractors have been providing the best malfunctions solution to all clients to their AC unit. Poor maintenance can generate the several issues to all air conditioners such as huge energy sucking, bad impact upon the environment, frequent faulty operation, and failure of comfort cooling service what every homeowner insists to get. Get the proper AC maintenance service through the cooling company at highest quality.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC which renders the twin effects such as cooling and hot environment on all seasonal requirements to the homeowners. HVAC Repair Company has been offering energy efficiency and prolonging repair service to all clients at their needs and demands.


The Difference Between Commercial & Residential HVAC Systems

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The Difference Between Commercial & Residential HVAC Systems

There are various types of HVAC systems, including the two major types, residential and commercial HVAC systems. Residential HVAC systems are typically used in homes and possibly small businesses. Commercial HVAC systems are used in office buildings, large retail stores, warehouses and other large buildings.

While both systems are responsible for the same functions of heating, ventilating and cooling, they have a few differences. This includes the amount of power needed, size, location, complexity, responsibility, drainage and the way they’re manufactured. Some HVAC companies specialize in both, while some specialize in one or the other, which helps to explain why the services differ as well.

There are exceptions when it comes to some of these differences, but for the most part, this is how they vary.

Residential HVAC

A commercial HVAC system is much larger than a residential HVAC system. This visible difference doesn’t need too much explaining. Bigger buildings need bigger HVAC systems because of the amount of space they need to serve. They’re also more complex in terms of dampers and thermostats.

Due to the size difference and the size of the areas they both serve, the amount of power differs as well. The commercial HVAC system needs a much higher level of power to function.

Residential HVAC systems are typically placed on the side of the house or in the backyard. Commercial HVAC systems are typically placed on the roof of the building, some located in swamp coolers. The roof is the most ideal location for multiple reasons:

The building can use the indoor space in a more beneficial way than the HVAC system would. If the HVAC system can function properly on the roof, the interior might as well be used for something more useful and attractive. A large HVAC system would cause a great deal of noise pollution in the building, possibly disrupting guests and others who occupy it. It allows for easy maintenance. The technicians will not have to interfere with whatever the building is used for. With the amount of traffic in commercial buildings, having the system on the roof prevents damages and vandalism

HVAC Exhaust

Just like the size of a commercial system is the reason it’s found on the roof, the complexity contributes as well. Commercial HVAC systems are more complex than residential HVAC systems. Commercial HVAC systems have to take types of rooms into consideration and be more adaptable. Depending on the room and what it’s used for, the temperature may have to vary. It could also depend on the amount of people occupying the building, if there are scheduled events and functions that call for different temperatures and the type of building or business.

What’s being made in the building? What’s being sold in the building? What’s the building used for? Are there items that need to be in a certain temperature? These are the types of questions one must take into consideration with commercial HVAC systems and that’s why they’re overall more complex. Another difference that impacts the complexity is that residential HVAC systems have windows, therefore needing less to alleviate exhaust.

Depending on the type of HVAC system, the responsibility may differ. Homeowners and local HVAC pros are responsible for residential HVAC systems. Some maintenance tasks can be done by the homeowner, while others need a professional.

Commercial HVAC systems fall under the responsibility of property owners and commercial HVAC technicians. When it comes to hiring a technician, it’s important that they specialize in that specific system. For example, HVAC technicians must know the specific local electric codes for commercial buildings.


Along with every other aspect of the commercial HVAC system being larger, the drainage system is larger as well. Since residential units are smaller and serve smaller areas, the system drains into a single pan outside. For a commercial system, multiple pans and pipes are needed for the draining. These components ensure evaporation, eliminating the chance for overflow.

The type of building they’re going in is the most important factor during manufacturing. A commercial HVAC system is manufactured as a packaged and modular system, meaning all the components on the rooftop are housed together. They can be moved and modified as needed. A modular system allows for transportation and expansion. The pieces housed together include the condenser, condenser fan, evaporator, compressor, blower and drainage system.

A residential HVAC system is manufactured as a split and standalone system, meaning it’s almost the exact opposite of a commercial system. The components are split between inside the home and outside the home. While the parts are split up, it’s still considered to be a standalone because it cannot be expanded or reduced. To modify the cooling or the heating, a whole new system needs to be put in its place.

As you can see, residential and commercial HVAC systems are not the same, but both function to accomplish the same goal, providing a comfortable and healthy space. Whether it’s for yourself, your family, customers or clients, it’s important to schedule HVAC maintenance checkups often. Commercial and residential HVAC systems contain different components, so it’s crucial to contact an HVAC professional that specializes in whichever system you own.

Home Central Air Conditioning

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Home Central Air Conditioning

So you have decided to buy central air conditioning.

Almost eighty percent of the new U.S. houses are installing central air conditioning units while construction. While it may not have been necessary to have air conditioning several decades ago, it is quite uncomfortable not to have it now. But those having existing homes do not need to worry, as the central air conditioning units can even be set up in houses that have already been constructed!

If you are looking for the best central air conditioning unit, you need to keep certain points in mind.
The best way and most important thing when buying central air conditioning equipment is to have it installed by a qualified contractor.
When one talks about saving money through efficient air conditioning systems the topic of SEER usually comes up. SEER or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, rates the central air conditioning unit. You can actually save quite a lot in your electricity bills if you substitute your old and ineffective air conditioner with a new SEER rated central air conditioning set up. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) manufacturers are responding to the challenges of increased energy costs by offering homeowners air-conditioning units that deliver new energy efficiency standards and reduce your energy usage.

Always consult a specialist engineering company, who will specify, design and install the correct air conditioning system for your needs. There are many reputable contractors specializing in the installation of air conditioning systems for both small and large homes. Large houses usually require a centralized air conditioning system and its installation is more complicated and labor intensive. There are various kinds of air conditioning systems depending on your needs, your home size and your budget.

Choosing Your air conditioner And Installer

There are a number of reasons why you should go for central air conditioning.
It is the most effective way of heating and cooling the entire home because it can supply the conditioned air directly to the rooms whether the internal doors are open or closed. Having said that, which brand or manufacturer should you consider? Good question, but in reality it depends on your budget and your expectations. It would be recommended that you retrieve at least 3 quotes from reputable businesses which specialize in air conditioning supply and installation.

The back yard is the most common place to find a central air conditioning unit condenser unit (outdoor section). This information is important because a house’s structure, window area, sun exposure, and climate will affect your central air conditioning needs. Again this is where you need specialist guidance from experienced installers. Make sure they look all over your home checking each room you want diffusers (ceiling outlets) in and note whether they check out the ceiling space, this small check is important as seasoned quoters / installers with experience will tell you that some ceiling spaces do not accommodate the ducting very well and can cause all sorts of difficulties during installation, you do not want the installer cutting corners (so to speak) trying to fit ductwork.
The electrical load on your home will be increased dramatically as a central A/C system is a large electrical user, some homes cannot accommodate this requirement and therefore need to have their mains upgraded. This can significantly increase the installation cost.

Maintenance Of Your Air Conditioning System

For your home central air conditioning system to last as long as possible, proper maintenance is a must. You probably recognize – as most homeowners do – that keeping your heating and air conditioning units running well is important. We tend to take our air conditioning for granted, and wonder how we ever got along without it, but we rarely check the system until it begins to blow out hot air.
Proper care of your air conditioning system like scheduled cleaning will also make it more efficient for a long time. If you have central air conditioning, it is important to keep the outside compressor compartment (condenser) as clean as possible. And of course the indoor return air filter must be kept clean also to improve the air flow throughout the home. There are not really many things the homeowner must do to keep their A/C happy other than cleaning and keeping the outdoor condenser free from debris and plant foliage.
If you do these you should receive many years of faithful service from your new central air conditioning system.


Things to look for the best air conditioning contractors

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Things to look for the best air conditioning contractors

To look for a normal air conditioning company, pick a phone book. Take a systematic approach for approaching the best company. Take help of internet to look for the best air conditioning companies. People find many problems that you may encounter with different air conditioning companies. It is very important to be careful to choose the best contractor. The warmer the climate, the more important it becomes to have a good air conditioning repair contractor. Complete full research before need arises and emergency strikes.

* Check for the information:

Searching the internet is best as it enables you to get all information required by you. There are people who have problem while searching for air conditioning companies. Anyone may post on internet and you may create a positive or negative feedback. If you are using information on the internet, be sure that you check the background of person who had left testimonial or feedback, as they can be accomplice of the company.

* License:

Check license of the contractor on the business website or ask for it. Verify worker’s compensation coverage and confirm if the license of the contractor is valid or not.

* Liability coverage:

Check general liability coverage of the HVAC contractor. General liability insurance coverage policy protects you in case of any kind of damage that may occur when your company performs repairs on your property.

* Date of feedback:

If you are reading feedback and testimonial, make sure that you check the date when feedback was given. Air conditioning contractors receive both negative and positive feedback. It is important for the company to provide you the kind of service they want.

* Check estimates of repairs:

Request for an estimate for repairs and be sure to get the cost estimate and find how much time is required for the repairs work. Read all fine print details on contract before signing. Do not rush and settle with the company that provides you the lowest possible quote.

Many people are satisfied with information that is on website of the air conditioning companies. Make sure that you have access to information posted on the website. If you have to pick the best company, you should be sure that you make decision based on information that is outside website. The site of the company can be used for learning more about the company and decide if it is good for you or not.