Air Conditioning Unit: Importance of Proper Installation by a Professional

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Air Conditioning Unit: Importance of Proper Installation by a Professional

If you want to ensure that your air conditioning unit works at peak performance, getting it installed professionally is an investment in your comfort and the longevity of the system. HVAC specialists have the training, experience and skill to hook it up correctly, saving you time in the short term and money in the long term.

HVAC Professionals

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. HVAC technicians go through extensive schooling and serve a multi-year apprenticeship to learn how to handle each type of air conditioner system on the market. They understand how to efficiently hook any type of unit up to your home’s energy source safely and properly.

HVAC technicians are licensed by each state and need to be certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Most also work toward industry certification such as that offered by the Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration Institute. This type of training makes them experts at providing proper air conditioning service for your unit.

Using a professional gives you peace of mind. Because they are licensed and bonded, any potential problems with the AC repair or installation are covered.

Save Time and Worry

An air conditioning services company has experience with many types of makes and models. Whether you have an older model or a new air conditioning unit, skilled technicians have the tools and know-how to get it installed or repaired correctly.

This saves you time and stress. You don’t have to find or buy the correct tools to hook up your unit. You don’t have to worry about lifting it into place yourself, or making sure it is anchored tightly. The more complicated, and expensive, the unit, the truer this is.

Air Conditioning Tune-ups and Repair

Every system needs an annual tune up. Air filters need to be replaced, the coils and interior should be cleaned, parts must be lubricated, and the fan, blower and motor checked for signs of wear and tear. Though you can do this yourself with the help of the instruction book that came with your unit, it takes time and can be frustrating.

A professional knows exactly what problems to look for, based on his experience with your type of equipment. He can make quick work of the tune up, adding years to its useful life. A tune up done annually will save you from having to pay repair bills.

Central Air Conditioning

If you are thinking of installing AC, check with a trained Comfort Advisor to discuss the best options for your home. Central air conditioning is an excellent choice if you live in an area that has very high temperatures for several months of the year.

An experienced comfort advisor can help you choose the right unit, helping you get the best quality for your budget. There are several ways he can help you determine which unit to buy. He will check:

The size and layout of your home
The age of your home
The efficiency of your current unit, if you have one
The location of your current unit and how well it delivers cool air for your comfort

Your lifestyle and expectations. For example, is energy efficiency your top concern? Do you prefer the latest model, with all the bells and whistles?

Working with an HVAC professional to install, maintain and repair your air conditioning system is an investment in your comfort level, peace of mind and the useful lifespan of the unit.


Some Of The Causes For Home Air Conditioning Repair

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Some Of The Causes For Home Air Conditioning Repair

The system of air conditioner needs to be maintained properly for avoiding frequent repairs. The air conditioners are used for heating the room while the outside climate is freezing and the same machine would sufficiently cool the room when the sun shines. Like any other electrical component, heating air conditioning repair occurs due to technical problems in the system. To avoid unexpected malfunctions, make sure the inner parts of the system is kept cleaned. The services of an efficient mechanic are needed not only for home air conditioning repair but also for company and organizations. In large scale organizations, the failure of AC system may end up in loss of profit.

Very often, companies book the air conditioner services on annual contract basis so that they need not have to search for new serviceman whenever the system stops functioning. It is easy to maintain the AC unit in good condition. All it requires some quality time for cleaning the filters and inner parts of the machine. In case if the system is under the warranty period, make sure to call the servicemen from the company. You can also make AMC with the dealer or look for a new person in your area that is reliable and experienced. This article gives you some kind of common problems encountered in the AC unit.

Sometimes, you will not get the enough cooling effect even if the system is turned on for several minutes. Check if the filters are not properly cleaned and clogged with dust particles. Also verify the gas content in the unit. There are chances for the gas to leak out from the system causing no or little cooling on the room. Secondly in some houses the unit may often get switched off automatically when you keep it in ‘on’ position. The possible reason behind this anomaly is the compressor may not work properly and gets tripped off, which is because of failure of the capacitor. Under such circumstances you have to replace the capacitor unit in the system. Once in six months, ensure that the gas is charged fully in the air conditioner system. Also the size of the room controls the cooling effect or heating effect of the unit. By choosing the right capacity of condenser for the air conditioner, you can lower the electricity charges.

It is better to check the filters if you think there is not enough cooling, before calling the servicemen for home air conditioner repair. You can also reduce the possible problems of heating air conditioner repair by maintaining the system clean.


Maintenance Of Air Conditioning For Cozy House!

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Maintenance Of Air Conditioning For Cozy House!

Home air conditioning requires is important. Commercial air conditioning has regular and scheduled check & maintenance service, something we forget about home air conditioning. We only use such services in the hour of breakdown. This makes you go crazy with the summer heat unless the air con service person knocks on your doorstep. To enjoy continuous air condition service, check your air conditioner on a regular basis. AirCCC lists the following benefits of a regularly checked air conditioner
* Decrease in power consumption
* Cooling and heating capacity- improves
* Life of the air conditioner extends
* Chances of system failure reduces
The humid summer months can be tough on your air conditioning system. Of all the major breakdown calls we have attended so far in this summer was due to dust and algae build up. Also the reason that most of the air con units were not serviced for more than a year. These breakdowns could have been prevented with periodic checkups and maintenance. Airccc home air conditioning services suggests few important pints:
Air conditioning service primarily consists of:
1. Routine checkup
2. Usage of branded Air con cleaners to clean the insides of filters and cowling
3. Clean outside condenser cowling with special foaming formulation.
4. Check gas where required.
5. Polish outside unit.
6. Check exposed pipes installation.
7. Spraying anti-corrosive on outside of the unit.
8. Always check and clean house fans. If you don’t clean them regularly its chargeable by the service man.
One of the few things that you must take care of to keep your home comfortable throughout the year is that your air conditioning has balanced airflow. It also increases energy efficiency and cuts on energy bills. For ducted air conditioning, balanced air flow ensures that HVAC system makes a maintained temperature in all the rooms. For that always check the dampers inside the ducts. Open and close them to set the air flow you need
Yes! You are not technical sound person and you can locate it not to worry. If you cannot locate the dampers, then you can check the vent openings inside of the walls to control home air flow:
o Ensure that the vents in the room should be completely open
o Ensure that all the doors are left open
o Set your thermostat and allow the heat pump and central air conditioning unit to regulate the temperature inside of the home.
o As the unit runs, take note of the temperature in each room and adjust the vent openings.

Balancing the airflow for the ducted home air conditioning is a trial and error task. For that we recommend that you use expert help and assistance from air conditioning service, who will not only do it but will also tell you few tips. They offer 24/7 breakdown repair service, air conditioning installation and maintenance. They also provide the air conditioning installation, warranty service for branded air conditioning. If you need air conditioning service, you know whom to call. The real maintenance can be done only by you to prevent breakdowns.


Benefits of Commercial Air Conditioning Units in the Office

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Benefits of Commercial Air Conditioning Units in the Office

In the current economic climate businesses big and small are looking for ways to not only save money but also help the environment. One way this can be achieved is through installing the best type of commercial air conditioning system that they can. Such a system will ensure that the working environment is perfect for their employees which will help to keep productivity levels at optimum levels, and this in turn could help to ensure that their profit margins remain good.

It isn’t that difficult today for a business to find the right commercial air conditioning system that will not only help to create the right working environment but also will help to save on their bills each year. In fact there are several different systems to select from and one of these is the evaporative air cooler system.

So what is it about this kind of system that would make it a suitable option for a business to have installed? Below we look at a number of the benefits to be had from getting this type of commercial air conditioning system installed.

1. This particular air conditioning system needs no new ductwork to be erected if there is some already in position as it can be run through it. Over time the cost savings that a business makes from installing such a commercial air conditioning system can be as much as 75% over the course of a year.

2. Unlike many other commercial air conditioning systems available today this one does not need Freon gas to help cool down the water in them. So of course no Freon means no fumes being released into the atmosphere which could be harmful to the environment.

3. This is a system that is especially suited for use in industries where food production takes place. Not only do such systems improve the quality of the air for the employees who work in such businesses, but also helps to reduce the levels of bacterium in the air as well.

4. These particular systems can with a large number of water pads inside them compared to other air conditioning systems used in commercial premises and the cooled air can be distributed not only evenly but more quickly. Plus they also allow the speed at which the air can be distributed varied.

As you do some more research into these types of commercial air conditioning systems you will soon discover that each one comes with a number of different features and functions. Some will contain more water pads than others and some will have varying speeds at which the cool air can be distributed. Plus the size of the tank where the water is kept to cool the air will differ greatly.

When considering purchasing such a system for a business one needs to look carefully at the materials used to construct the units. Remember these are going to be in contact with water constantly and if not are going to rust or corrode easily if the wrong materials are used. However, there are plenty of companies who produce such commercial air conditioning systems and ensure that they use the right kinds of materials to prevent such problems from occurring.


Save Your Money With Effective Air Conditioning Service Tips

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Save Your Money With Effective Air Conditioning Service Tips

In a 2011 study, The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) found that about 89% of homeowners experience heating, air conditioning and ventilation problems annually.

In another study of over 3,460 homes, the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) found that 60% of HVAC problems are caused by ineffective air conditioning services. In addition, the U.S EPA reports that these systems constitute around 46% of your home’s energy consumption.

Leveraging Effective HVAC Services

While these studies had different objectives, it was a proven cause and effect that regular costly breakdowns in your HVAC system are caused by poor servicing. What’s more, these ineffective services lead to higher energy consumption.

Air Conditioning Money Saving Tips

In these economic times, every opportunity to save a buck is a valuable. It is imperative to find ways to save money when servicing your system through expert services. Here are some ideas:

1. Shop for an Air Conditioning System Wisely

The air conditioning industry is saturated with brands and models of units to choose from. If you choose a very large unit, it will short cycle easily.

On the other hand, a very small one will be prone to too much wear and tear to meet your heating and cooling requirement. Service experts will audit all your property’s needs, recommend and install a unit which is energy efficient to save money, time & efficiency.

2. Leveraging Professional HVAC Services

Before hiring any professional contractor to work on your system, make sure they are licensed and certified. Moreover, they must be insured to protect you against any liability. More importantly, ensure your contractor belongs to professional bodies such as North American Technician Excellence (NATE), Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA), among others.

You also need to verify their training, experience and reputation in the industry. Such a contractor will offer efficient servicing for your air conditioner and this will reduce your repair and maintenance costs in the long run.

3. Regular Servicing

To appreciate how you can save money on your HVAC system, you need to understand that your AC system is multipurpose. It not only cools, but also dehumidifies, heats and ventilates your home through air circulation. All these tasks are exhaustive hence this system is susceptible to wear and tear which makes it sustainable

What’s more, clogging of filters reduces efficiency and this is where regular servicing by a professional comes in handy.


Air Conditioning Service And Its Significance

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Air Conditioning Service And Its Significance

We all rely more on the machines than the humans, we cannot deny the importance of machines in our life. It is always very frustrating when a machine is either not working properly or is out of order. There are many examples such as, we all love our cars but when they break down, many of us kick them and sometimes curse them as well and this may become more frustrating with the heating and cooling system. It is true that machines have made humans more sensitive. There were times when there was no heating and cooling system and people were surviving but as we are surrounded by the machines and we are addicted to them so we always prefer the air conditioning buses, trains, subways, cars and home. To keep the air conditioning going it is necessary to have air conditioning service.

There are many companies providing these services, some of these companies are also manufacturing the air conditioners. There are some other companies who provide the services of installing and servicing. The mechanism of an air conditioner usually require a service once a year, the engineers or technicians make the necessary checks for the leakages, examine the compressor functionality and check the benign or any other compressed liquefied gas levels. They also clean the air filters, services for a residential require mostly these tasks, but for industrial service it always depends on the unit. In these days, arranging an air conditioning service appointment is not complicated as most of the companies are working 24 hours and 7 days a week and are very promising regarding the service time.

Many manufacturing companies also provide the warranty for their product, which normally lasts in years. There are many other marketing promotions; some heating and cooling system companies are providing the free service facility for a certain time period. The portable air conditioners also require the service but most of the tasks can be performed by an individual, however in some conditions you may require to consult an engineer. The portable air conditioners are easy to configure, it is recommended to always double check the machine before operating it.

Scheduling air conditioning service on time will allow you to enjoy more comfort of the cool air and cleanness in the room. It is always good to schedule a service right after the winter or when the weather is not so hot that you need the heating and cooling system. It may also cost you less as the service companies will not be very busy in their work as mostly companies charge according to the season. The modern air conditionings have different air filters and are equipped with the air clean technology. They also have dehumidifies system installed. These air conditioners bring more freshness to the room air and also keep it clean and cool. You feel more active and fit while sitting in room have the similar air conditioning.

In these days the air conditioning is not limited to the buildings and in planes. Almost every car has the air conditioning installed in them. This also made travelling easy and has brought more luxury in driving. In these days you can hires the technicians for air conditioning service through internet.


Air Condition Service A Must for Effective Working of Your Unit

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Air Condition Service A Must for Effective Working of Your Unit

There are hardly any aspects of human lives which are not touched by the usage of gadgets. Humans have got habituated to them. At present, a sheer number of people are unable to imagine life without the basic comforts provided by these invaluable gadgets. It is noteworthy that an individual spends a huge sum of money in purchasing the comfort that the latest gadgets and gizmos can provide. Of course, air condition is one of the basic amenities required in this fast paced life. Can you imagine working in a commercial identity or relaxing at home without air conditioning system? I can understand most of you would answer “No”. Almost every one has an air conditioner. Air conditioning system is comprised of many complex parts. AC services become vital.

There is no doubt in the fact that the quality air conditioner repair services keep your AC fit and fine. It is of course with the assistance of the regular maintenance that your AC will work effectively even during scorching summers. To be very honest, convenience in such scorching heat is quite possible only due to the invention of AC machines. Every machine, be it an AC or a furnace, needs to be maintained after sometime. After all, maintaining your machine can provide longevity, better performance and improved services as well. If not maintained in a proper way, your air conditioners can stop working at any point in time due to the congestion or over exhaustion. If you really want to avoid such breakdowns in your machinery then you should hire a reliable Air conditioning service expert. These people specialize in both aspects of the mechanism — heating, as well as, cooling.

Apart from considering Air conditioning services, one should also think about employing the services of Air Source Heat Pump services. The Heat Pump System is known as one of the best heating devices. In actual, this device serves both hot water and heating requirements for the area where it is used. The pump functions on free solar energy, which is actually later modified to a usable temperature. Well, this provides heating and hot water requirements. The usage of these heat pumps has grown famous in the recent time because it requires minimal amount of electricity to function in comparison to normal resistant heating systems. Some of its major features are energy longevity, efficiency and space saving size. These systems provide a wide range of environmental benefits, low operational costs, safe and dual purposes. Truly speaking, air condition repair services can put your unit together and have them running in no time.


Things to Know Before Buying Commercial Air Conditioner Accessories

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Things to Know Before Buying Commercial Air Conditioner Accessories

air conditioners (ACs) form an essential part of our lifestyle. Whether it’s our office or home, we can’t live without it. It becomes crucial when the heat in summer is at its peak and we have our clothes drenched in sweat. It’s also helpful to regulate the temperature to normal when the chilling cold makes us shiver.

Air conditions are available across brands like LG, Samsung, Voltas among others. Generally, they all work on the same principle but what separates them from each other are the extra features that come with them like remote controls, more or less cooling, power, capacity etc. It also comes on the budget which an average middle class family or a small firm can afford it, but on the other hand, when it gets out of order it needs to be fixed soon. This situation might be disturbing, but today there are a range of energy efficient and cost effective commercial air conditioner accessories are available online or at retail shop. So first of all it is necessary to know that which part of AC is not working like compressor, fan, heat pump, condensing coils or cooling coils. So the best way to find out the problem with your air conditioner is to call the authorized service center to get a technician at home and then order genuine commercial air conditioner accessories from authorized online stores or stores.

There are some of the things which must be taken care of while purchasing and using these commercial air conditioner accessories, which are-

We should only order these from authorized service centers or online stores.
We must check if commercial air conditioner accessories are genuine which can endure the high voltage.
Wiring and circuit board of all the appliances along with ac is fitted in must be well stabilized and distributive so that damaging of one parts shouldn’t affect other appliances.

There are also portable commercial conditioner accessories available which are convenient to use. Apart from brands selling ACs, there are companies which offer maintenance services. It means you can purchase and install the AC of your choice, but in case the AC goes out of order, these companies are there to fix them. These services company also sell commercial conditioner accessories, and offer maintenance services in any area in case you move anywhere in the country. You don’t have to necessarily pay a membership fee. You can seek their services, as and when you need their services. However, beware! A lot of these companies also sell counterfeited commercial air conditioner accessories under popular brand names. In such cases, you must check their licenses.

Shopping for commercial air conditioner accessories is a hassle. So before bothering yourself to purchase and fix your AC. Make sure you go through your ACs’ instruction manual, call for assistance, and visit your air condition’s official website ( yes, there are official websites). This way you can make the most out of your air conditioner.


Why Air Conditioning Services and Equipment are Essential for People

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Why Air Conditioning Services and Equipment are Essential for People

The temperature of the world is rising gradually rising to unbearable points and an air conditioner services are the most priceless gift someone can have in the hot summers. Even in other seasons, having an air conditioning system always helps. This is the main reason people are gradually shifting to air conditioning systems and thus making it easier for themselves to maintain the calm environment around the room. Innovation and inventions have helped the air conditioning industry as well and we can regularly see newer and better air cooling and conditioning apparatus coming to the market and luring us to the shops.

However, about the air conditioning maintenance systems if we know something for sure, it is the fact that maintenance is easier and cheaper than repair. The famous saying of “Prevention is better than cure”, totally fits in case of such apparatus. Whenever we shift to air conditioning system from natural and fan air, it is usually a good enough expenditure and requires a lot of considerations in the first place which include monthly as well as yearly costs apart from the daily functioning costs. It has been observed over the long period that well guided cleaning and maintenance of the air conditionings systems helps in increasing the life time of the conditioners, and saves us from frequent repairing and replacement of parts in the system.

Nowadays, with the air conditionings services going to centralized maintenance over the whole building in which as many as few thousand people work has been a very common scenario with the increasing office culture. But this in turn also makes the air conditioning services to be more regular and servicing all day and night long. Such an intensive air conditioning system requires intensive air conditioning services which can ensure the proper and well responsive functioning of the conditioners over which the working life of so many people depend.

Under such rising markets, it is advisable to ensure a maintenance contract when you are thinking of installing an air conditioning system. Air conditioning services ensure that you system performs at its peak and maintains the healthy condition without being stressed due to over heating or many other technical problems which arise due to lack of maintenance and care. Air conditioning services not only take the burden away from your shoulder to think daily to ensure the continuity of the services but it is helpful in peak seasons too. When the demand of air conditioning services increase during the summers, having a contract of the services for over years help you in getting the benefit of being an elite customer who would be attended first before anyone else. Thus having a air conditioning service contract for a regular and well trained maintenance of the air conditioning system helps us in many ways in the long run.

Thus if you are thinking of installing an air conditioning system in your home or office, try to ensure the availability of regular air conditioning services on a contract basis to ensure long lasting and trouble free working of the system.


Help With Choosing HVAC Contractors

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Help With Choosing HVAC Contractors

There are only a few people who haven’t had the misfortune of finding themselves enduring extremely chilly evenings or uncomfortably warm days during summer in their homes or offices. This is normally the motivation most people have for installing a Heat, Ventilating and Air Conditioning unit. There are a number of benefits that can be associated air conditioning services some of which include savings that can be made with regards to energy consumption and the smooth way in which it maintains the flow of air inside a building. Your level of success will greatly depend on the HVAC contractor that you are going to choose. You don’t want to make small mistakes which will end up being expensive eventually.

A competent HVAC contractor is one who is able to install a system that will help you maintain comfortable temperature levels in your home or office building. There are several important things that local HVAC companies will normally consider before they can choose the right size of unit for your home or office. This is why it is important that before you hire an HVAC contractor to install the system, you need to know whether they know the local weather conditions well enough to know what type and size of HVAC system will actually solve your problem. They should be able to recommend a system based on the size of the building as well as the population of people occupying it.

You need a HVAC contractor who will be able to make sure that the system that they install will work efficiently. You want a system that will ensure that all the rooms in your house or office remain warm or cool as may be needed. The only way to make this happen is to always make sure that you deal with licensed local HVAC contractors who are specialized in this line of duty. You want to make sure that you save on money that is usually spent on AC maintenance and insulation issues as a result of incompetent installation. The company that you hire should have a team of qualified engineers who are capable of performing regular maintenance checks.

One important thing you must remember before committing a HVAC contractor to do your installation has to do with maintenance and AC repair. You must remember to find out about their availability to do service and repairs whenever they are required any time of the day or night. You must be sure that there will be an engineer who can be dispatched to you and how long it would typically take before they arrive on site. Make enquiries about charges associated with routine maintenance and all associated air conditioning services. How long a company has been in business and the experience levels of their employees should also count when you are choosing a HVAC contractor; always get this information in advance and you can be sure that you won’t get disappointed.


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